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  • Jakarta, Indonesia - 2 Days
    November 27

    Mondato Summit Asia

    Throughout Southeast and South Asia, companies are taking advantage of extraordinary mobile and smartphone penetration, which has led to proliferation of social media and e- and m-commerce.  New digital channels have provided a conduit for delivering more advanced DFC services, and entry points for un/underserved populations.

    The space is fast building momentum, and though there also now some established “giants” increasingly throwing money around through joint ventures and acquisitions, it is doubtful that we are approaching anywhere near maturity for digital finance & commerce (DFC). Many telcos are still well within the transition from communication services providers (CSPs) to digital services providers (DSPs), while well-financed banks experiment with new technologies such as blockchain or begin integrating with fintech.

    Mondato Summit Asia will explore how various sectors are repositioning themselves and fintech technologies and entrants look to complement these entities. In particular, it considers how DFC is being applied more broadly beyond just basic financial services, and how this may translate into investment opportunities. The Innovation Arcade and Mondato Awards provide case studies of specific implementations of DFC value propositions.

  • Dubai, UAE - 2 Days
    November 25

    8th Global Islamic Microfinance Forum

    With high hopes AlHuda CIBE has planned to conduct The 8th Global Islamic Microfinance Forum in Dubai – UAE on 25th – 26th November, 2018. The notion behind conducting these forums is to create awareness of Islamic Microfinance for the benefit of humankind and to help poor to survive at their best. This is the reason why these events are conducted internationally so that masses can enjoy its perquisites. This year it is expected that the forum will unbolt new horizons, opportunities and innovation for Microfinance industry thus helping them eliminate poverty with support of Islamic Microfinance.

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  • Hong Kong - 3 Days
    November 22

    Social Enterprise Summit 2018

    The Social Enterprise Summit of Hong Kong was founded by the Hong Kong Policy Research Foundation (HKPRF) in 2008 to advocate social innovation and entrepreneurship, that was then attracting much attention in many places as a solution to the social and development challenges of the time. HKPRF, established in 1998 for the purpose of supporting public policy research, provided initial funding and administrative support to the Summit through the Hong Kong Policy Research Institute.

    In 2014, with the Summit becoming a more independent operation of its own, HKPRF transferred the Summit’s project management to the Hong Kong Social Entrepreneurship Forum (HKSEF), a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting and supporting the development of social entrepreneurship.

    HKSEF has been the organiser of the Summit since 2014. Every year, HKSEF invites organisations and representatives from the civil society, the business sector, the government and the academia to co-organise an array of community activities leading to the flagship International Symposium. The Summit now becomes an important annual conference in Hong Kong. It coordinates the efforts of 20 organisations with strong support from the Hong Kong SAR Government to emerge as a major cross-sector platform in promoting innovative entrepreneurship for social change. It also bridges the community with the government and is a well-recognised international forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences. Since its inception in 2008, SES has become a highly-acclaimed annual event attracting some 2,000-3,000 participants every year from Hong Kong, mainland China and the Asia Pacific region.

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  • Brussels, Belgium - 2 Days
    November 14

    AidEx Brussels

    AidEx Brussels’ fundamental aim is to engage the sector at every level and provide a forum for aid & development professionals to meet, source, supply and learn. The event was created to help the international aid and development community engage the private sector in a neutral setting, drive innovation and support the ever-growing need for emergency aid and development programmes. From major NGOs and global policymakers through to innovative suppliers of specialist products, AidEx facilitates relationships that would be otherwise unachievable.

    The two-day event encompasses a conference, exhibition, meeting areas, awards, and workshops. Over 200 suppliers from around the world will exhibit at AidEx. The exhibition floor is organized into various zones: Medical, Food & Water, Shelter, Logistics & Communications, as well as many country pavilions.

    Alongside the exhibition, thought-leaders and policymakers from across the international humanitarian community will discuss the latest issues affecting the sector within AidEx’s conference.

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  • Sydney, Australia - 3 Days
    November 7

    Impact Investment Summit Asia Pacific 2018

    The Impact Investment Summit Asia Pacific is the peak thought leadership and practitioner convening in the Asia Pacific for the growing phenomenon in the capital and finance markets, of impact investing. This year we will gather around the theme of Wisdom | Courage | Action.  We will dive into global themes and challenges, issues of scale, look at the Sustainable Development Goals and how we can align our impact investment strategies with these global goals.

    Impact investment is now an established, sizeable and global financial market hungry for knowledge sharing, know how, innovation and expertise. A growth market calling for leadership, strategic insight, best practice, good governance, high standards, and a well calibrated compass for healthy, sustainable growth.

    Our convening, now in its fourth year, delivers on these needs, with a focus on shared learning, co-designing solutions, developing at an individual and collective level, and collaborating as broadly as possible. In doing this we can fertilise, cross-fertilise, activate and accelerate the impact ecosystem for a new, inclusive and creative economy.

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  • Antigua, Guatemala - 2 Days
    November 7

    Latin American Impact Investing Forum. Central America and the Caribbean

    Since 2015, Alterna has hosted the Latin American Impact Investment Forum, Central America and the Caribbean, an initiative of New Ventures, to advance impact investing and social entrepreneurship in the region and to strengthen the ecosystem. The forum aims to demonstrate, on a global level, the immense and transformative potential of the region while encouraging its development and growth and celebrating its progress.

    The forum unites the protagonists of the industry: investors, social entrepreneurs, corporations, capacity developers, NGOs and government institutions amongst others, providing collaborative spaces to facilitate connections and activate the conversation and broaden the scope around the sectoral trends and innovative solutions for the region.

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  • Los Angeles, CA - 2 Days
    November 2

    15th Annual Conference on Social Entrepreneurship

    The 15th Annual Social Entrepreneurship Conference will be held at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles on Nov. 2-3, 2018.

    We are looking forward to your contribution in presenting at this year’s conference dedicated to the ongoing development of theory and research on social entrepreneurship and its impact on global communities. The aim of our conference is to bring together scholars, researchers, students and practitioners from around the world to discuss emerging concepts and explore topics in social entrepreneurship, social enterprise, social innovation, sustainability and impact.

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  • Bali, Indonesia - 2 Days
    November 1

    Asia Social Innovation Conference (ASIC)

    Take a look on how companies and social enterprises have not only do businesses but also act as the forces for good by providing solutions, and creating opportunities for active collaborations across stakeholders of social innovation in Asia. ASIC is a two-day event that features discussions on Sustainable LivingCircular EconomySustainable Energy, and the emerging movement of B Corp by speakers from Indonesia and Asia.

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