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  • Nairobi, Kenya - 1 Day
    September 30

    Learning Journeys of Smallholder Finance and Innovation Adoption Side Event

    This side event is on September 30 before the AFRACA International Conference on Best Practices in Rural and Agricultural Finance Oct 1-3.

    Hosted by MEDA INNOVATE, this side event showcases lessons and partner journeys to learn, test and document the experience of how non-traditional finance can support smallholder producers to uptake agricultural innovations and technologies in Kenya and Rwanda. The side event also aims to stimulate dialogue and discussion around the MEDA INNOVATE learning agenda on relevant themes and topics for the region with special focus on non-traditional financing models, gender and women economic empowerment.

    Speakers include Calvin Miller and INNOVATE partners Bidhaa Sasa, Dodore Kenya Ltd., and World Relief Rwanda.

  • San Mateo, CA - 1 Day
    October 30

    Innovations in Corporate Social Impact: Start-ups, Risk Taking & Profitable Social Impact

    ONE WORLD’s fourth annual Innovations in Corporate Social Impact program will focus on how organizations are solving their business challenges by partnering with social enterprise start-ups.

    Companies of all types are taking a fresh look at the broader impact of their work- how their employees, customers, and their communities are impacted by what and how they produce. While increasingly desirable for leaders to make sure their company has a positive societal impact, it is not often clear how that is done at scale, especially in a way that supports the business goals and financial targets.

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  • Brooklyn, NY - 1 Day
    October 9


    Impact.Engineered is a forum recognizing and celebrating the engineering profession’s commitment and contributions to social and environmental innovation. This unique event convenes our global network of pragmatic optimists including engineers, designers, entrepreneurs, investors, academics and disruptors to explore their shared ambition to making a positive impact and figuring out how. Join us!

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  • Washington, DC - 5 Days
    December 2

    Back to Boulder: Enhancing Strategic Relevance in Microfinance (B2B)

    It is with pleasure that we announce the 4th edition of the Back to Boulder:  Enhancing Strategic Relevance in Microfinance (B2B) program with a special track dedicated to digital financial services designed for C-Suite level executives and board members of financial service providers which will be held from December 2-6, 2019 in Washington, D.C., USA.

    The field of financial inclusion currently faces a contradiction in many markets: clients remain unbanked while certain market pockets have become oversaturated and highly challenging. Our new Back to Boulder:  Enhancing Strategic Relevance in Microfinance program brings together leaders from within and outside of the microfinance community, as well as international experts in leadership and change management, to provide participants with practical tools, cases and experiences in the areas of:

    • Risk Governance: Developing strategic responses to risk and crisis in order to protect the resiliency of your institution.
    • Enhanced Competitiveness: In these times of increased competition for clients’ wallets that comes from new delivery channels and disruptive innovators, we explore how to attract, keep and deepen relationships with clients.
    • Digital Financial Services:  What questions do directors need to ask as their teams develop and embark on digital strategies? Guided by innovators and specialists, explore both successful and failed cases while learning how to identify key factors.

    Through 32 academic hours, participants learn from over 15 renowned experts from within and outside of the microfinance community. Morning and afternoon plenary sessions provide insights into the complex nature of change leadership and explore how to remain pertinent given current market forces.

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  • Virtual - 1 Day
    August 21

    Webinar: A Live Conversation with Sara Olsen: Stakeholders Voice and Impact Management Project

    Everything we do impacts people and the planet. Impact management is the ongoing practice of measuring those impacts to reduce the negative and increase the positive.

    The Impact Management Project (IMP) is a forum for building global consensus on how to measure, report, compare, and improve impact performance. IMP looks at five elements. WHAT, WHO, HOW MUCH, CONTRIBUTION, and RISK

    Stakeholder’s voice gives us information about “WHO” do enterprises affect? How underserved are they in relation to the outcomes delivered by enterprises? To address these questions, we analyze the impact data categories under the ‘Who’ dimension.

    How to align stakeholder’s Voice with Impact Management Project?

    Join us for a live discussion with Sara Olsen, SVT group and Unmesh Sheth, Founder/CEO Sopact

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  • Durham, NC - 3 Days
    September 9

    Getting Gender Smart

    Do you want to explore unlocking capital or deploying capital to benefit women and girls? Are you excited about the power of women to make markets? Do you want to contribute materially to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals around women and girls? Are you ready to get beyond the talk and get to the strategies and tactics of action?

    This 3-day intensive course is designed to help you navigate the emerging world of gender smart investing so that you can develop tangible strategies and practice to more easily and quickly integrate gender smart investing as part of an overall investing practice.  Two of the top globally recognized pioneers in gender lens and impact investing will lead the training, sharing their insights and working with you on the key practices of gender lens investing.

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  • Remote - 1 Day
    July 15

    DEADLINE: ISIP Social Impact Accelerator, Batch 2

    The Social Impact Accelerator provides one whole year of support, six months of which is an intensive program designed for selected social enterprises. Through this intensive six-month program, selected social enterprises will receive network and mentorship support to allow them access to markets, talents, capital and guidance from our world-class mentors, advisors and partners.

    The Social Impact Accelerator is part of the Innovation for Social Impact Partnership (ISIP), a project co-implemented by PhilDev and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade- Australia (DFAT-Australia). ISIP aims to aims to support promising innovative social enterprises in the Philippines to be able to collectively contribute to SDGs’ achievement, acceleration, and sustainability.

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  • Worldwide - 5 Days
    October 21

    Financial Inclusion Week 2019

    As some organizations pursue financial inclusion as their ultimate goal, others are driving toward financial health or the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Meanwhile, financial institutions and fintechs are aiming to profitably serve low-income markets.

    In the face of these trends, we can’t help but ask: What is financial inclusion for?

    Financial Inclusion: For What? What For? is a call to action for our community to reexamine our goals and renew efforts to achieve them. During Financial Inclusion Week this year, October 21-25, 2019, we invite you to convene around this question to reexamine, redefine, and align our goals.

    Now in its 5th year, Financial Inclusion Week is an opportunity to strengthen the diverse community of players involved in building a more inclusive financial ecosystem.

    The objectives of Financial Inclusion Week are:

    • To bring the entire financial inclusion community together to explore issues of financial inclusion beyond access
    • To create leadership opportunities among diverse stakeholders
    • To create dialogue and community
    • To foster partnership and coordination within the financial industry
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