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  • Boston, MA - 3 Days
    June 12


    Modern fundraising is more competitive than ever. Want to equip your team with the most winning strategies, technologies, and tools to take your nonprofit into the future?

    Welcome to the Collaborative, a 3-day immersive experience where today’s changemakers co-create the future of social entrepreneurship. You’ll make meaningful connections with nonprofit leaders and peers—and head home with actionable strategies and tools to accelerate change.

    3 days. 130+ speakers. 1,200 peers. Hands-on workshops, lively panel discussions, fireside chats, TED-style talks, and intentional networking that will energize you and provide tangible takeaways—all against the exciting backdrop of Boston’s revitalized Seaport District.

    Conference, Workshop
  • Boston, MA - 1 Day
    June 13

    SVI Impact Analyst Training

    Purpose: Participants in this course will receive an introduction to social and environmental impact analysis – that is, how to understand impact through reporting about it that has been produced by others. Various fields – including accounting, economics, evaluation, finance, environmental science, social science and social entrepreneurship – have developed methods to help understand and account for the social and environmental impact of private business, investment, non-profit, and governmental activities. This course presents a framework for skilled impact analysis that contains practices and insights distilled from these fields.

    Takeaways include:

    • Know what constitutes a sound analysis of impact
    • Understand, interpret, and critique information on the social and environmental impact of investments, grants and enterprises
    • Know what to ask for from providers of impact information

    Audience: The course is designed to help those who make investments, grants or donations assess the social and environmental impact of the activities they fund through information about it that is reported to them.


    • Gain confidence in decisions about how to align time and money with values
    • Avoid falling prey to “greenwashing”
    • Reduce impact risk
    • Prepare for the SVI Certificate Exam in Skilled Analysis


    Length: One-day course with materials to review before and after

    Trainer: This training will be delivered by Sara Olsen, Vice President of Social Value US, methodology subcommittee co-chair of Social Value International, and founder of SVT Group.

    Hosts: Third Sector Capital Partners 

    Conference, Workshop, Workshop
  • New York, NY - 2 Days
    June 19

    ANDE SGB Investing Orientation Training

    What: The ANDE SGB Investing Orientation Training is a two-day comprehensive overview of the small and growing business sector with a focus on how to make impact investments in emerging market enterprises.  The agenda will include sessions on: financial models, doing deals, impact investing, sector analysis, business plans, case studies, social entrepreneurship 101, and more!

    Who: Geared towards new hires, summer associates, and those new to the sector, 300+ individuals have participated in this training over the past five years.

    Conference, Workshop, Workshop, Workshop
  • London, UK / Virtual - 1 Day
    June 7

    Disaster risk reduction in fragile and conflict affected contexts

    Natural hazard related disasters hit those living in fragile and conflict affected contexts hardest. Between 2004 and 2014, 58% of deaths from disasters occurred in the top 30 most fragile states. Yet, considerations of conflict are missing from the Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) policy, programming and financing architecture.

    While the internationally agreed Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (SFDRR) exists, it can only be achieved by developing an evidence base, policy and practice on how best to pursue DRR in conflict settings, and redirecting spending to those contexts. This will require challenging our existing assumptions and better understanding the relationship between hazards, vulnerability, exposure and types of conflict.

    ODI research uncovers the political and institutional barriers to adapting DRR policy, practice and overseas development assistance to fragile or conflict-affected contexts. It reveals a hesitancy to explore the relationship between disasters and conflict, and tendency to prioritise peace and security over DRR in fragile and conflict-affected contexts.

    The event hosts open and frank discussions on why DRR policy, programming and financing has yet to be sufficiently applied to conflict and fragile contexts, exploring the following questions:

    • What are some of the blockages and challenges to DRR in these contexts?
    • What innovative and practical steps can be taken to support the implementation of the SFDRR in conflict and fragile settings?
    Conference, Workshop, Workshop, Workshop, Workshop
  • New York, NY - 1 Day
    June 4

    Global Solutions Summit 2018

    The Global Solutions Summit (GSS) is based on the premise that scientific research to find new or improved development solutions is a first small step in the very long journey from the lab to the last mile. The remaining steps entail the less-glamorous and more mundane issues of scaling up the deployment of these solutions so that they reach tens, if not hundreds of millions of people in developing countries.

    GSS 2018 will showcase specific business models and financial mechanisms that NGOs, social enterprises, foundations and others are using to successfully deploy proven, cost-effective development solutions at scale. Speakers will be thoughtful doers — i.e., women and men who are actively working in the field to overcome these deployment challenges – who will explain what they have done, how they did it, what went right and what went wrong, where gaps or broken circuits exist in the deployment ecosystem, and what needs to be done to create a more effective and efficient ecosystem that can support the deployment of these innovations on the scale required to achieve the SDGs by 2030.

    Conference, Workshop, Workshop, Workshop, Workshop, Workshop
  • Washington, DC - 1 Day
    May 3

    Impact Investing: Driving Social Purpose Through Measurable Investment Returns

    This program offers a distinctive convergence of high-level discourse between innovative thought leaders and practice experts, including allocators, academics and investors, all of whom are helping to shape the emergence of impact investing. A step away from other commercially organized conferences, Skytop Strategies and its lead supporter—Rockefeller Capital Management—are convening stakeholders seeking to unpack a timely and relevant discussion on what to expect to see in the months and years ahead, as impact investing continues to gain the attention of investors seeking transformational change through the strategic deployment of capital.

    Join us for this full day discussion when we will deliberate on best practices in impact investing, and how they generate measurable social, environmental and economic results through bridging the gap between purpose and profit.

    Conference, Workshop, Workshop, Workshop, Workshop, Workshop, Workshop
  • New York, NY - 1 Day
    April 10

    Africa Policy & Impact Investment Forum (APIIF) 2018

    Opportunities, Challenges and Policy Considerations

    The inaugural Africa Policy & Impact Investment Forum (APIIF); hosted by Fordham University- Gabelli School of Business bringing together a curated group of individuals for a deeper discussion about unlocking the power of private capital to make both financial and social/environment impact returns on the continent of Africa.

    Please click on the link below to view the agenda and speaker bios:

    Agenda for “Impact Investing on the African Continent”

    #AfricaPIIF #AfricaPIIF2018

    Conference, Workshop, Workshop, Workshop, Workshop, Workshop, Workshop, Workshop
  • Oxford, UK - 1 Day
    April 12

    The Art of Social Franchising

    There is growing interest in using social franchising in the global development sector as a means to scale:
    • NGOs see franchising as a way to add proven program to their work without reinventing the wheel.
    • Donors see franchising as a tool to reduce the costs of each group having to invent their own program.
    • Groups/Organizations with a proven and scalable model use social franchising to develop an earned income stream to lessen their dependence on philanthropic funding.

    Join us over a pint as we examine social franchising with a case study on how to scale impact of a program proven to alleviate poverty. Through aligned partnerships, Street Business School (SBS) shares how it has successfully scaled its proven model of entrepreneurial education for women living in poverty from Uganda to seven countries across East Africa within the past two years. This example of social franchising has operationalized through funder and NGO partnerships in which locally led organizations are joining a movement to achieve ambitious global impact.

    Come with your questions, ideas and experience to this highly interactive session. We will rely on YOU, the audience, to ponder the challenges, surprises, and greatest opportunities that exist in social franchising. We will also hear from panelists who have experience using Street Business School’s franchise model to magnify their own impact. Panelists include:
    • Segal Family Foundation CEO Andy Bryant who will share how Segal leverages the partnership with SBS to scale impact while supporting other Segal grantees and grassroots led organizations.
    • Street Business School CEO Devin Hibbard who can speak to the strategy of social franchising and the execution of this specific case and these strategic partnerships.
    • Dandelion Africa Executive Director Wendo Aszed who can speak to the franchise customization process as she is currently implementing SBS in Dandelion’s community as both a Segal grantee and an SBS Global Catalyst Partner (franchisee).
    • Fourth panelist – to be announced at Skoll World Forum
    • Moderator, Joahim Ewechu Street Business School Board member and Founder of Unreasonable Institute East Africa.

    Refreshment and gifts provided at 4:00. Come early for a drink and chance to network. The panel will begin at 4:15. Thank you to Segal Family Foundation, Moxie Foundation and Street Business School for their fiscal sponsorship of this event.

    Conference, Workshop, Workshop, Workshop, Workshop, Workshop, Workshop, Workshop, Workshop
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