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  • Virtual - 42 Days
    April 20

    IIX Impact Institute Masterclass: Measuring Impact for Sustainability

    Despite breakthroughs in innovation, our generation is faced with serious challenges when it comes to addressing the reality of climate change, reducing economic and gender inequality, and tackling poverty around the world. In finance, the transition to sustainable investments is not yet happening at the pace and scale needed to meet the SDGs.

    Yet these challenges can be met only if we can measure the effectiveness of our response.

    In this Masterclass, learn how to measure impact and sustainability from our CEO, Professor Durreen Shahnaz as well as IIX Advisors from The Wharton School, Stanford University, and Social Value UK. By the end of the course, you’ll gain:

    • A global understanding of the impact measurement ecosystem
    • Knowledge of how to refine your impact measurement strategy to improve your investment portfolio
    • Mastery of IIX’s widely-accepted impact assessment approach, valued by investors, donors, and enterprises
    Webinar, Workshop
  • Virtual - 1 Day
    April 8

    Free Learning Deadline: Managing Impact Investing Fundraising During COVID-19

    At CASE at Duke, our mission is to build impact leaders and help entrepreneurs scale their impact. We have been thinking about what we can do, quickly, to help entrepreneurs, whom we believe in so much, and those that support them.

    From now through April 8, we are making our online toolkit, CASE Smart Impact Capital, FREE for all who wish to register. Once you register, you’ll have six months of free access to the entire toolkit.

    What is CASE Smart Impact Capital?

    • Professional, video-based online training products produced by CASE at Duke University
    • Operating since 2016, with expert input from hundreds of investors & entrepreneurs from around the world
    • Helping more than 25,000 visitors strategize, target and close the right deal
    • Bite-sized, globally relevant, with a 94% satisfaction level
    • Used by nearly 50 partners, who include some of the best accelerators, networks and universities in the world.
    Webinar, Workshop, Coronavirus, Webinar, Workshop
  • Virtual - 2 Days
    March 25

    Digital Learning NTF4Ag: Emerging Lessons and New Frontiers

    There’s no need to leave home to join a digital community of experts exploring the use of non-traditional finance to deliver sustainable and scalable agricultural innovations for smallholder farmers.

    As many events worldwide shift to digital formats, MEDA INNOVATE invites you to participate in a virtual learning event ‘NTF4Ag Online – Emerging Lessons and New Frontiers’, where we’ll share results and insights from a global research portfolio.

    NTF4Ag will comprise of two virtual conversations held on March 25 and March 26, 2020 to accommodate participants from various time zones.

    The two learning sessions will follow the same format (up to 1.5 hours), with different speakers:

    1. Opening + Setting the Stage
    2. Research Lightning Talks delivered by MEDA INNOVATE partners
    3. Fireside Chat: Ag Finance Experts Respond to Emerging Lessons and New Frontiers of NTF
    4. Q&A
    5. Closing + What’s Next?
    Webinar, Workshop, Coronavirus, Webinar, Workshop, Webinar, Workshop
  • Virtual - 1 Day
    March 19

    Virtual Discussion: What is the Role of Business in Tackling the Coronavirus?

    On 11th March 2020, the Director-General of the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared novel coronavirus (COVID-19) a pandemic. At time of writing, there are more than 118,000 cases in 114 countries, and 4,291 people have lost their lives. It is likely that many more countries will be affected, with particularly devastating impacts for countries with weak health systems, and for low-income populations across all countries. There is a mixed picture in terms of country and company readiness and multiple sources of information, some of which are not credible and adding to public confusion.

    We are launching an urgent process across businesses to accelerate local action and support real-time best-practice learning across markets. The work will be led by Myriam Sidibe, renowned handwashing expert. The work will be anchored around the National Business Compact on COVID-19, a national business coalition campaign in Kenya.

    The global knowledge-sharing process is being coordinated by Business Fights Poverty, in partnership with a growing coalition of business networks, including Business Partners for Sustainable Development (BPSD), an initiative of the United States Council for International Business, led by internationally-renowned public health expert, Scott Ratzan MD.

    To find out more or how you can get involved, click here.

    Webinar, Workshop, Coronavirus, Webinar, Workshop, Webinar, Workshop, Webinar, Workshop
  • Charleston, South Carolina - 1 Day
    March 19

    Impact Leadership & Management: An Executive Education Retreat

    The next iteration of CSR and Corporate Citizenship is Impact Leadership and Management through the lens of Profit and Purpose. Impact Leaders and Managers touch every department/function in an organization. They are playing ever more important roles in branding, marketing, PR, driving sales, and setting internal cultures. No longer are they a window/connection to a corporation’s stakeholders, they have actually become the eyes (windows) into the soul of a company. This trend is so profound that CEO searches now focus heavily on CSR and Corporate Citizenship professionals because they truly are the Impact Leaders and Managers in the room.

    Held in America’s Number 1 city and a global hub of Impact, attendance at our two-day events will provide you with the knowledge, information, tools, and contacts you will need to:

    • Uncover your company’s signature cause

    • Build imperative bridges between every functional department in your company

    • Examine the future of Profit & Loss, and redefine corporate P&L statements

    • Make your company’s culture it’s brand

    • Build an Impact Culture that will top strategy

    • Become a secret weapon in your corporate sales strategies

    • Design and implement Impact Leadership and Cause Marketing strategies that will:

    • Increase revenues

    • Boost customer acquisition and retention rates

    • Lower employee and client attrition

    • Keep you and your company relevant in today’s changing sphere


    Webinar, Workshop, Coronavirus, Webinar, Workshop, Webinar, Workshop, Webinar, Workshop, Workshop
  • Zurich, Switzerland - 3 Days
    September 9

    Impact Investment & Blended Finance for Development Agencies and Foundations

    To use public funds more effectively and mobilize private investment to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has become a key concern of many development agencies and donor organizations. While the idea to create blended finance models is compelling, one specific approach holds particular promise: empowering high-impact enterprises with market-based solutions to scale and deliver positive impact in a sustainable way – a bottom-up approach.

    This actionable, practice-driven program is specifically designed for providers of public or philanthropic funding, who strive to maximize the impact of their grants or investments and want to be on top of the most innovative solutions and trends.It includes outstanding lecturers, features inspiring live cases and received exceptional feedbacks in several program runs since inception in 2018. The three-day program will provide valuable insights on strategies and instruments to “leverage” own resources by blending it with private investment for small and growing businesses in developing and emerging countries. It will also shed light on the whole spectrum of finance for impact and international development.

    A specific focus will be on catalytic financing tools that are able to attract additional capital for high-impact enterprises. The program is organized by the Initiative for Blended Finance at the University of Zurich, with program partners Roots of Impact, University of Zurich Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth, and Convergence.

    Webinar, Workshop, Coronavirus, Webinar, Workshop, Webinar, Workshop, Webinar, Workshop, Workshop, Workshop
  • Zurich, Switzerland - 2 Days
    May 14

    Impact Investment and Blended Finance for Development Agencies and Foundations

    With this 2-day executive program, we will take you on a journey. The goal is that your trip will not end here: To use public or philanthropic funds more effectively and mobilize private investment to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) needs curiosity, dedication and practical tools that development agencies, public/ multilateral organizations and foundations can effectively put into practice.

    In this first stage of the journey, we will map the territory, frame the environment, introduce you to the culture, hint to stumbling blocks and focus on a promising path: How to empower high-impact enterprises with market-based solutions to scale and deliver positive impact in a sustainable way – a bottom-up approach.

    Webinar, Workshop, Coronavirus, Webinar, Workshop, Webinar, Workshop, Webinar, Workshop, Workshop, Workshop, Workshop
  • Virtual - 1 Day
    December 11

    Webinar: Closing the Smallholder Finance Gap

    Smallholder farming households in sub-Saharan Africa, South and Southeast Asia and Latin America collectively require more than USD 240 billion in agriculture finance to optimize their farm operations. The last five years have seen an unmistakable acceleration in the number of providers engaging smallholder farmers through new products and service delivery models. From formal financial institutions to FinTechs and agribusinesses, private sector actors are shifting their perception of smallholders and the investment opportunity they present. Yet despite this progress, over USD 170 billion of this demand for smallholder agricultural finance goes unmet. The higher cost and risk of serving smallholder farmers means many providers often pursue higher return opportunities and continue to be reluctant to serve the world’s poorest farmers.

    IDH Farmfit (“Farmfit”) and Mastercard Foundation Rural and Agricultural Finance Learning Lab (“The Learning Lab”) have joined forces to change this. Farmfit supports the development of viable business models delivering finance and other services to farmers. Through tailored business support and affordable and appropriately structured financial support, Farmfit helps providers identify and realize opportunities for innovation and scale-up. The Learning Lab, a thought leader in rural and agricultural finance, works closely with Farmfit to provide business support to financial service providers operating in sub-Saharan Africa.

    IDH and The Learning Lab invite three very different organizations we have worked with – ECOMSyngenta and Tulaa – to share key insights on (1) how and why they are engaging with smallholders today, (2) what challenges have they encountered in this journey and, (3) what financial and impact returns have they seen to date.

    For who?

    • Financial institutions serving or looking to serve smallholder farmers (e.g., commercial banks, microfinance institutions, fin techs)
    • Agribusinesses serving smallholder farmers and interested on providing financial services (in house or in partnership with financial institutions (e.g., input providers, traders, processors)
    • Funds, including commercial and impact investors and donors
    Webinar, Workshop, Coronavirus, Webinar, Workshop, Webinar, Workshop, Webinar, Workshop, Workshop, Workshop, Workshop, Workshop
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