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September 13

NextBillion Editor

Facebook Live from SOCAP

The Social Capital Markets (SOCAP) conference is again upon us. And this year, we’re trying something new.

NextBillion will broadcast a series of interviews through Facebook Live, starting this evening and continuing through the end of the conference on Friday. We have more than 10 (and counting) discussions lined up with a diverse group of investors, entrepreneurs, academics and forward-looking “doers” at SOCAP. Our goal is to give those unable to attend SOCAP a window into some of the discussions, and to help attendees who can’t possibly see all of the speakers and panelists.

To watch the interviews as they happen and to ask questions in real time, first, please like NB on Facebook. We also plan to embed all the interviews, soon after they conclude, on our blog. So, if you’re not on Facebook, or prefer to watch them on our blog, please check back regularly on NextBillion by following the tag SOCAP.

We’re still firming up the schedule and will alert you on the timing of these interviews as soon as possible. However, given the fluid nature of a conference this big, well, the notification might be somewhat last minute. So stay connected with NextBillion by regularly checking our Facebook page and our @NextBillion Twitter feed.

Some of the interviews we have lined up include:

Kevin Jones, co-founder of SOCAP; Eric Stephenson, portfolio manager for the Cordes Foundation; Matthew Weatherley-White, managing director of the CAPROCK Group; Christine Mahoney, director of social entrepreneurship at the University of Virginia; Shikha Uberoi, co-founder of; Morgan Simon, managing director of Pi Investments; Anish Thakkar, co-founder of Greenlight Planet; and Maya Chorengel, founder and managing director of Elevar Equity.

We look forward to bringing you some of the most engaged speakers and panelists from one of impact investing’s most prominent gatherings.


Update: Team NB – Scott Anderson and James Militzer – was delayed in the Detroit airport, so they had to cancel their planned Tuesday interview with Kevin Jones. They’ll try to reschedule.


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