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Uganda, Kenya
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Where to Apply, Uganda;, Kenya

Role Description: Production Manager
Asili Farms Group, Uganda; Twiga Food, Kenya
Company Profile:
Asili Farms Group is a leading corn and soybean farming company operating in Uganda, East Africa. With 2,000 hectares of land currently under-management, Asili Farms envisions becoming the largest row-crop production company in East Africa by 2020.
Asili Farms is part of the Agilis Group of Companies, a leading agricultural development firm in Uganda, whose vision is to establish a regional system for grain production and exchange that is profitable, secure and inclusive. Agilis’s holdings include the Joseph Initiative Limited, a leading grain management and trading company focused on managing and merchandising grains and pulses produced by Ugandan producers for supply to regional food manufacturers and aid organizations. Asili Farms functions as a vital supply source and capability development center for the Agilis Group.

Twiga Foods is an M-Commerce based food distribution business focusing largely on the informal market. The Company’s main focus is Fresh Fruit and Vegetables (FFVs).
Twiga Foods is hiring Product Line Managers whose responsibility will be to build the company’s supply line capabilities (sourcing) in the several products it intends to deliver to urban markets in the coming weeks and months.
The Agilis Group of Companies, in addition to leading in a unique growth market, drives tremendous social impact for disadvantaged Ugandan communities. The company is introducing modern agricultural practices, structuring the market environment in which farmers operate and supplying inputs to producers.
Job Overview
The Production Manager will be responsible for developing and delivering the farming operational plan. The Production Manager will report to the Director of Operations, manage a team of seven to ten managers to whom over one hundred employees will report.
The Production Manager will be responsible for the following work streams:
 Preparing the operational plan of all farming operations
 Executing the operational and agronomic plan of all farming operations
 Reporting against the operational and agronomic plan of all farming operations
 Planning land development of all Asili Farms land
 Managing land development activities
 Reporting against land development plan
 Leading continuous improvement of the operations team
Asili Farms is a business in Uganda, a country with significant challenges, changes, and opportunities to be expected across the course of time. The Production Manager should be capable of responding to this environment with aplomb. In order to do so it is expected that the he or she possess:
 Leadership experience on a farm of over 500 hectares of land; demonstrated capacity to manage operations across 3,000 hectares of land.
 Degree in agronomy or equivalent experience in agronomy
 Degree in engineering or equivalent experience
Production Manager Role Description © Asili Farms Group
 Extensive knowledge of agricultural machines, implements, tools and software, including their designs and usages
 Demonstrable IT experience and advanced computer literacy
 Demonstrable experience with business reporting
 Exceptional work ethic, proactive attitude and energy
 Exceptional management capabilities with capacity to oversee and motivate diverse teams
 Strong communication skills
 Ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks of various scales in a high-pressure environment
Resume Drop
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Compensation, Term and Start Date
 Compensation will be competitive with performance-based incentives
 2-3 year contract
 Start date is as soon as possible
 The Production Manager will be based in Masindi, Uganda with an expatriate package
Production Manager Role Description © Asili Farms Group