Senior Program Associate

Where to Apply

At myAgro you will work harder and grow more than you dreamed possible.  We are currently seeking entrepreneurial, passionate individuals outraged with the status quo – ready to disrupt the system to support smallholder farmers across West Africa. We pride ourselves on innovation and creating scalable solutions that empower our farmers, their families and their communities.

About the role

Senior Program Associates are key members of myAgro’s team, focused on developing and managing our field and office programs and trials. Successful Senior Program Associates have come from a wide-range of backgrounds, including the fields of management consulting, micro finance, public health and agriculture. A strong preference will be given to those who have operated in fast-growth environments with limited resources and/or in developing nations.

In this role, you will be charged with a range of diverse projects and responsibilities that will develop and hone your skills and abilities.  You may work on 4 – 7 projects at a time, working iteratively with your manager to produce well thought-out, high quality work products.  After demonstrating success and becoming familiar with the organization, together with your manager and based on program needs, there will be opportunities to create focused projects on a specialization area.

To reach our ambitious goals myAgro will need to assess, improve, and expand its operations. This role will serve as point person to oversee the quality control of our operations. At myAgro our first commitment is to our farmers. The Senior Program Associate for M&E will track operations to ensure quality and impact. In addition this role will coordinate relevant information to ensure transparency and quality reporting to donors.

Our work is data driven, so a passion for data analysis is a must. In addition, a successful candidate will:

  • Have extensive experience is designing evaluation, monitoring, and inspection procedures for agricultural activities
  • Have experience in building log frames, key performance indicators, risk assessments, data management, and training best practices for field teams
  • Be highly solutions oriented and be able to make suggestions to management to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the project by anticipating, identifying, and minimizing bottlenecks
  • Have experience working with donor organizations and donor reporting

Are you the right fit?

At least three years of work experience in a professional setting
Why? In order to excel, Program Associates need to work effectively and efficiently in a fast-paced environment of tight seasonal deadlines. Professional experience working in teams, leading projects, managing time, and balancing priorities is critical. High-level project management experience will be favoured for this role.

Passion for our mission
Why? Living in West Africa certainly has its challenges. However, for individuals who are passionate about supporting smallholder farmers and how our layaway savings model can change the face of subsistence farming, living here can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. As a Senior Program Associate, you are resilient in the face of adverse situations and can serve as a leader to teams.

Strong teamwork skills
Why? You will work in a highly collaborative environment with a diverse team, tasked with delivering ambitious targets in a challenging environment. Senior Program Associates need to be able to manage projects and people, manage without authority, to effectively communicate project goals, and to include appropriate stakeholders in the process. A key metric of success for this role is the ability to build capacity of team members to take on increasingly complex assignments.

Outstanding project management skills
Why? Successful Senior Program Associates are detailed-oriented and data-driven while working within tight deadlines, complex calendars, and diverse teams. This role in particular will spear head some of our most critical farmer-facing programs, and we need our team to be able to execute, while also seeking continuous improvements.

Humility and learning from failure
Why? We actively listen to feedback from farmers and make adjustments. We have the courage to review, reshape and reimagine what could be and we move forward with a mix of humility and excitement. We’re humble enough to admit that we made mistakes and have the humility to start from scratch when needed.

Flexibility and team-oriented resourcefulness
Why? We have made strides as an organization but we are still very young which means we come together as a team when the team needs it. If someone is out or if we are short staffed, we need a leader who will step in to help fill in the gaps and lead the rest of the team to do the same. We need team members who can not only roll with the punches, but do so with grace and humility.

Decisiveness and curiosity
Why? This role is critical to our success if we are going to help 1 million farmers increase their income a $1.50 a day by 2025. You will call on your ability to get things done, in the most trying of circumstances with limited resources. Working through these problems will challenge and grow you – for all of the right reasons. We never stop wondering at myAgro. We do not have time to be stagnant.

Parlez-vous français?
Why? Much of West Africa’s official language is French. It is the language we conduct business in, so being proficient in French is a requirement at myAgro.

Required Skills & Qualifications

  • A passion for the mission, vision and values of myAgro
  • French and English proficiency
  • At least 3 years work experience in a professional setting
  • At least one year of international living experience in a developing country
  • Strong quantitative skills; proficiency with Excel
  • Ability to work independently and demonstrated resilience in the face of challenge
  • Innovative and entrepreneurial nature
  • Strong communication skills and ability to work cross culturally
  • As with any start up, flexibility, a sense of humour, and an open mind are necessary for success
    • Benefits:

    • Compensation is modest, but will be competitive with other social enterprises
    • Flights to, and transitional housing in West Africa
    • Excellent global health benefits, including dental, vision and emergency insurance
    • Language lessons stipend provided to learn the local languages, or for French refresher courses (applicants must already demonstrate French proficiency)
    • Flexible work schedule and vacation benefits
    • Build a broad local and international professional network
    • Opportunity to focus on professional career development planning with manager
    • Chance to see your ideas and contributions implemented
    • Tons of karmic good – you’ll be directly helping farming families move beyond subsistence farming