Rob Katz

Legatum Center Photo Contest Now Accepting Submissions

The Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship at MIT recently opened its 2nd Annual Photo Contest to amateur and professional photographers. The Legatum Center – which we’ve written about before – was founded on the belief that economic progress and good governance in low-income countries emerge from entrepreneurship and innovations that empower ordinary citizens.

In contrast with images that show only the most devastating aspects of life in low-income countries, Legatum’s contest looks for photos that capture stories of entrepreneurial activity and demonstrate innovation and empowerment. The contest helps Legatum present a new vision for development – one that is more dignified, one that is more optimistic, and one that inspires action.

This year’s theme is Women’s Entrepreneurship: Empowerment through Innovation. The judges will look for photos that depict women in low-income countries engaging in entrepreneurial activities, and showcase transformative technologies and innovative uses of technology.

Through the photo contest, the Center will recognize the inspiring women entrepreneurs who have broken down the barriers, and showcase their positive images of progress.

For details on the contest, including how to enter, the prizes (including $500 to the winner!) and the judges, check out the contest page on Legatum Center’s web site.