Derek Newberry

New Ventures announcing launch of featured site on NextBillion

The fact that poverty alleviation and environmentally conscious policies go hand in hand is nothing new, yet much work is needed to support the development of sustainable entrepreneurs at the Base of the Pyramid. WRI’s New Ventures works with these socially responsible entrepreneurs to sharpen their business plans, network with like-minded professionals and attract venture capital from major investors.

NV is pleased to announce that we are launching a new featured content section on NextBillion to showcase some of our outstanding entrepreneurs who have developed innovative strategies for generating sustainable profits. The site will be loaded with in-depth articles, video, and podcast interviews featuring the next generation of CEOs who are redefining the way businesses interact with the world. You can also visit our Entrepreneur of the Week site for more information on each company we highlight. In discussions on climate change and other intractable global issues, many still see developing countries as part of the problem rather than as a potential source of creative solutions. Fortunately, NV enterprises are breaking new ground in everything from green advertising to zero emissions transportation by harnessing the resources of the BOP and giving new meaning to the phrase ?walking the talk.?