October 16

10 Minute School Aims to Democratize Education for Bangladeshi Students

By Catherine Shu

Access to education in Bangladesh is filled with inequalities, say the founders of edtech 10 Minute School. Many rural areas don’t have good learning centers and as a result, students travel to capital Dhaka to prepare for their university admission exams. That option, however, is only available to families who have the financial means.

Originally created as a YouTube channel, 10 Minute School (shortened to 10MS) wants to democratize access to supplementary education for K12 students throughout the country. The startup, which says it is the largest edtech company in Bangladesh, announced today it has raised a pre-Series A of $5.5 million, the highest seed-stage funding so far for a Bangladeshi startup. This brings 10MS total raised to $7.5 million.

Photo courtesy of PxHere.

Source: TechCrunch (link opens in a new window)

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