June 10

$60.2 Million Subsidy Into KPLC to Help Reduce Electricity Tariffs in Kenya

Kenyans are set to receive some reprieve from the cost of electricity tariff thanks to a $60.2 million subsidy Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) has received from the government.

The Sh7.05 billion ($60.2 million) subsidy issued by the National Treasury will allow KPLC (also known as Kenya Power) to cut electricity bills by a further 15%.

President Uhuru Kenyatta during the last Jamhuri Day celebrations had directed a tariff review to cut power prices by 30%. The reduction was expected to see consumers get a 15% drop in the cost of power by January this year and another 15% in March.

Only the first 15% reduction was implemented seeing the cost of buying a unit of electricity drop from Sh 25.9 in December to Sh21.8 in February.

Photo courtesy of Lukas Bato.

Source: ESI Africa (link opens in a new window)

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