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  • Soya beans, the “wonder crop” transforming lives

    They are calling it the wonder crop. Nutritious, cheap and easy to produce, the soya bean has transformed the lives of poverty-stricken smallholder farmers in Zimbabwe’s Mashonaland Central province. At least 16,500 farmers were introduced to soya bean production through a project established by the US-based non-profit organisation, Africare. The project, which began in 2000 in the northern part of the country, has taught production techniques to farmers from the districts o...

  • Paul Gilding: The profit motive is pure enough

    People concerned about environmental and social sustainability would be well served by the death of CSR. It needs to be replaced by a far more market-focused approach, a more Darwinian sustainability that sees environmental and social trends as opportunities for growth and competitive advantage. Article available here. ...

    The Australian
  • Bringing IT to Rural India One Village at a Time, by Gunjan Bagle

    Imagine that you live in the village of Siroha, located just 25 miles from Kanpur, the largest city in India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh. Your son has moved to Delhi for a job with the GE call center serving American customers. If you want to speak to or e-mail him, you must ride your bicycle five miles and lose half a day’s wages to find a telephone. Welcome to the digital divide. The digital divide is a fact of life for the 700 million rural peo...

    CIO Magazine
  • Net Profit, by Jennifer Vilaga

    What does it take to make a better bed net? It’s no small matter: Bed nets are a critical defense against malaria, which each year kills 1 million people and makes another 300 million ill in developing regions. The solution, it turns out, is no small matter either. Olyset bed nets, featuring a dramatically better pesticide mechanism and an expected lifetime five times that of existing nets, are now coming off the knitting machines at A to Z, a textile company ...

    Fast Company (Issue 92)
  • The U.N. Will not Bridge the Digital Divide, by Arik Hesseldahl

    A new report from the World Bank says half the world’s population--that would be about 3.2 billion people if you go by U.S. Census Department world population figures--now has access to a telephone of some kind, either through a fixed line or a wireless network. That’s a fair improvement over the 2.5 billion who had access to a phone in 2003, according to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). Interestingly, more than three-quarters of those people use wireless phones. Private...

  • Olam and TechnoServe Form Partnership to Develop a Sustainable Cashew Industry in Africa

    Olam International Limited and TechnoServe jointly announced today that they have formed a unique partnership to support the development of sustainable and value-added agro-processing initiatives across Africa, starting with cashew processing, which has the potential to create significant economic and social impact in these producing countries. Full press release available here ....

  • Why ’Low-Cost’ Phones May Not Ring in Africa, by Ken Nwogbo

    GSM Association, the operator-led trade association representing the global mobile industry has launched the Ultra-Low Cost initiative to address high cost of handsets identified as the single biggest barrier to mobile communications affordability in emerging markets. Questions are however being raised about the quality and intentions behind the special phones for Africans. Full article ...

    Daily Champion (Lagos)
  • ANZ Bk Cambodia JV Seeks Profits In The Ruins, by Phelim Kyne

    But Kith said ANZ Royal has targeted a market of around 100,000 urban residents with money ’under the bed (and) under the pillow’ to support a banking network that will start with three Phnom Penh branches this year and grow to 30 outlets nationwide by 2010. ANZ Royal will power that expansion by offering Cambodian consumers a previously unavailable array of retail banking services, including the country’s first ATMs linked to international networks and consumer mort...

    Dow Jones Newswire
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