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  • Hatchery business: Dhala villagers set laudable example, by Mahmudunnabi

    Only 14 kilometres away from the thana town Trishal in Mymensingh district, there stands a small hamlet named Dhala of about 7,000 people on the bank of the Brahmaputra. Inhabitants of the area were once seriously suffered due to poverty and finding no other option many of them used to resort to criminal activities just for survival. Commuters traveling by Dhaka-bound train when halted at the Gaforgaon rail-station cautioned one another of pickpockets and of theft, because ?Dhala was not far fro...

    The New Nation
  • VoIP on a bike, by Ephraim Schwartz

    A bicycle-powered, Linux-based VoIP system: not your usual high-tech architecture. But what if you were one of the more than 1 billion people living without electricity? No power, no phone. The mission of Inveneo, a nonprofit group of inveterate high-tech adventurers, is to bring developing communities that never reached a 20th century level of infrastructure into the 21st century. Its bicycle-powered system brings not just VoIP but also e-mail and Web browsing to remote areas, ...

  • Landmark conference to held on doing business in developing countries

    Ethical Corporation will hold a 2-day conference from 18-19 October 2005 in London. The event will focus on how companies in developing countries can practically work on improving their social, environmental and corporate governance practices in developing countries. Today?s businesses face a huge challenge in defining responsibilities associated with the social, environmental and governance components of sustainability in their developing markets . ...

    Ethical Corporation Press Release
  • Developing Nations Represent Market Opportunity Theme of TIA Session at SUPERCOMM

    TIA, the national U.S. trade association for telecommunications, hosted a Market Development Forum, The Other 4 Billion: Telecom in Emerging Nations, at SUPERCOMM? 2005. The session provided insight on the communications infrastructure needs of developing nations, programs designed to help expand access to technology, growth patterns and the impact of regulation on market development. Panelists discussed the opportunities and challenges for low-...

  • Everybody loves a good rural mart

    As urban market is getting saturated, rural market is rapidly occupying the centre table of discussion for both the corporate world as well the top business management schools ( B-School) of the country. The rural market has been growing at 12-13 per cent as compared to 7-8 per cent growth of urban counterpart, over the last decade. Moreover, the urban market is getting saturated and corporate are now looking sincerely towards the rural market in a much serious way,said P...

    Business Standard
  • Drumstick farmer puts Indian village on global map

    An enterprising farmer from a village in Maharashtra’s Nashik district has begun exporting drumsticks to far off places in the world via online. Balasaheb Marale is the drumstick king of Maharashtra! A poor and unknown farmer who supplied to the local markets for years, now he has gone online and international. Marale gets his orders at Drumstick India and supplies to NRIs the world over - from his village Si...

    OneWorld South Asia
  • The Sweet Herb of the Guaran?, by Alejandro Sciscioli

    As the business gathers force, a side benefit for social development grows in parallel, due to the high profits for the producers and the great number of workers needed to tend to the crop. Fischer explained that the Chamber suggests planting 50,000 to 60,000 plants in every half-hectare. That size of a plot provides permanent work for four people in controlling weeds and pests, which must be done by hand because agrochemicals and insecticides are not used. The small farm...

  • Sachet Marketing

    Thinking small in large volumes--the essence of sachet marketing--yet never losing brand focus, could open up entirely new markets for many of the worlds B2C and B2B manufacturers and service providers. If your customers are willing but cash strapped, think micro loans, think mini-sizes, think light versions, think leasing, think bundling, think reselling, think making money and paying respect to your future affluent customers. ...

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