June 22

Airbnb.org Launches $25 Million Fund to Support Refugees and Asylum Seekers

In times of crisis, everyone deserves a welcoming place to stay. This guiding principle is at the center of Airbnb.org’s work to help provide stays to disaster evacuees, relief workers, refugees and asylum seekers. Our Airbnb.org team is proud of what it has accomplished in coordination with non-profit partners and Hosts to date, but there is more work to do.

Ahead of World Refugee Day, Airbnb.org is proud to announce a $25 million Refugee Fund, a fundraising initiative to expand Airbnb.org’s support of refugees and asylum seekers worldwide, starting with programs run by non-profit partner organizations in the US and Central and South America.

Photo courtesy cottonbro.

Source: Airbnb.org (link opens in a new window)

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