All That Data: What Health Researchers Can Do With Pokemon GO

Monday, July 18, 2016

Nearly one in five Australians use an activity tracking device daily or nearly daily. Of the people who use activity trackers, three-quarters are prepared to share that data, on the proviso that it is anonymously used for health and medical research.

This is where Pokemon GO — the wildly popular app that gets users out and about instead of behind their tablet or TV — has got the attention of the Australian health and medical researchers.

“You have an app which is getting gaming — often a sedentary affair — out of the living room and into the world, and that can only have immediate health benefits,” explains Research Australia CEO Nadia Levin.

Walking has been described as the nearest thing to a perfect exercise as it costs nothing, can be done almost anywhere and is suitable for people of all fitness and skill levels. But more broadly, the interactive and inherently social nature of Pokemon GO has implications for walking and running apps which often don’t really give back.

Source: Gizmodo (link opens in a new window)

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