December 18

Analysis: Africa: Energy Efficiency for Developing Countries – Pivoting From Fewer Inputs to More Outputs

By Philippe Benoit

Energy efficiency (EE) is often marketed as a tool to save energy and money. The oft-repeated mantra is doing “more with less”, namely producing more goods with less energy. But, as set out in a recent World Bank report (which I co-authored), EE can do something that is often much more important for developing countries: it can produce the additional goods and services needed to raise standards of living.

Shifting the focus from savings to more goods and services can help increase the uptake of EE in developing countries, thereby enabling them to grow faster while also promoting a more sustainable future for all.

EE deployment in these countries has suffered from a narrative that has too often been targeted at advanced economies.

Photo courtesy of DFID.

Source: allAfrica (link opens in a new window)

climate change, energy access, global development