July 28

COVID-19 and Higher Education: How Universities in Emerging Economies Are Responding to the Crisis

By Oxford Business Group

Higher education institutions around the emerging world have adopted a range of different models in reaction to the pandemic. Some are working more closely with governmental bodies, while others are cultivating partnerships with the private sector; some are acting independently, while others are coordinating with other higher education institutions; and some are sharing their research and insights freely, while others are developing for-profit approaches in order to ensure the sustainability of initiatives.

However, within this diverse panorama it is possible to identify three main areas in which universities are making major strides. The first is medical R&D, including Covid-19 vaccines; the second is the development of digital solutions to address challenges in business and society; and the third is related to technology-led education.

Photo courtesy of DFID.

Source: Oxford Business Group (link opens in a new window)

Coronavirus, Education
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