November 29

Analysis: How Environmental Reporting Can Help in Fighting Climate Change

Companies must measure and disclose the impact they have on our environment. Quality reporting can accelerate decarbonisation and identify opportunities for value creation.

Climate change accelerates the depletion of natural capital all too quickly for our environment and communities to adapt. Left unchecked, these rapid environmental changes will cripple global ecosystems and the cost will be much greater than humanity can afford.

Understanding the impact of business on the natural world through structured and standardised environmental reporting is the first step in recognising the size of the challenge, prioritising areas for action and developing targeted intervention plans. Financial markets have always relied on reporting to inform asset pricing and capital allocation. We must now adapt these same reporting measures to help industries evolve and navigate the climate challenges we all face.

Source: The Africa Report (link opens in a new window)

Environment, Impact Assessment
business development, climate change, impact measurement