February 8

Analysis: How Smallholder Farmers Are Coping With the Pandemic

François Hakuzimana, a farmer from Rubavu district is an owner of a ranch where he rears poultry and grows bananas, beans and Irish potatoes.

Before the pandemic hit, he used to make money selling off his produce to markets in Kigali and in his district too. He also had deals where he would export chicken and eggs, with Democratic Republic of the Congo being his biggest market.

When the pandemic hit however, borders were closed and traveling with in and out of the country became restricted, which he says hindered transport of merchandise and consumption was affected consequently.

As smallholder farmers, Hakuzimana says they are faced with countless challenges such as limited market, wastage of produce and limited access to sources of agricultural productivity.

Photo courtesy of Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security.


Source: The New Times (link opens in a new window)

Agriculture, Coronavirus
smallholder farmers, supply chains