October 27

Analysis: India’s Digital Health Ecosystem Is An Unparalleled Opportunity

By Sai Balasubramanian, M.D., J.D

The Indian healthcare system is a remarkable phenomenon in many ways. Boasting one of the largest social health programs in the world, in addition to incredible research and development facilities, the country has certainly become a powerhouse in its relatively short tenure as an independent nation. However, congruently, India certainly hosts a unique barrage of problems with regards to healthcare as well, just like other countries: staffing discrepancies, high expenditures, a shortage of physicians and skilled workers—these are just a few of the many problems the country faces. Nevertheless, the Indian spirit marches forward, attempting to serve its vast population across a variety of demographic categories and amidst a complex payor and provider landscape.

One major variable that is entirely unique to the Indian subcontinent is the sheer population that must be served. Recent reports indicate that there is a nearly 1:854 doctor-to-population ratio in India; that is, there is approximately 1 doctor for every 854 people in the country. This has caused a renewed interest in expanding access to medical education: the government has acted swiftly to not only create more seats for students that desire medical training, but has also aggressively opened new state-of-the-art medical colleges and institutions across the country.

Photo courtesy of NEC Corporation of America.

Source: Forbes (link opens in a new window)

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