August 2

Analysis: Low-Income Communities Lack Access to Clean Water. It’s Time for Change

Clean water should not be a privilege of the affluent. As something integral to our human way of life, access to clean water not only protects individual health but also allows industries such as agriculture, tourism and manufacturing to flourish.

These economic activities, in turn, enable the production of life-saving food, in addition to creating jobs that provide income and dignity for millions.

The international community has widely acknowledged the significance of clean water. In July 2010, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the historic Resolution 64/292, and not a single member state voted against it.

It explicitly recognizes a “human right to water and sanitation” and declares water “essential” for the realization of all human rights.

Photo courtesy of Cecilia Snyder.

Source: World Economic Forum (link opens in a new window)

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