August 3

Analysis: Steps for SMEs to Measure and Report Sustainability and Impact

By Mary Ho, Alex Smith

According to Bloomberg, ESG assets may reach USD 53 trillion by 2025. Sustainability is becoming an increasingly big-money game, driven by ambitious investments by multinationals around the world, which have not only the financial but also human capital to make significant statements in the space. This article examines the feasibility of whether SMEs, more limited in terms of human resources and available finances, can effectively report on the sustainability and impact of their operations, and the options they might have for moving in the right direction towards the SDGs.

“Going green is expensive!”

You may have heard this exclaimed by managers and owners when it comes to evaluating and implementing sustainability strategies. And it’s easy enough to find reasons to balk at the implications, whether that’s due to cost, or simply that they consider their business too small to make any real difference to the environment and society.

Photo courtesy of Micheile Henderson.

Source: Impact Entrepreneur (link opens in a new window)

business development, ESG investing