Bosch forays into healthcare segment

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Auto component major Bosch on Monday announced the launch of a locally developed eyecare solution in India. The company’s new eyescreening and detection system offers a combination of hardware and software and provides affordable eyecare.

The compact hand-held Fundus (retinal) camera is designed to respond to the shortage of eyecare specialists and the high demand for vision screening in the country. According to global health statistics, nearly one in every three visually impaired people in the world is an Indian.

“Our foray into this area aims to promote better ophthalmological care for all Indians,” said Dr Steffen Berns, the president of the Bosch Group in India.

According to eyecare experts, 80 per cent of cases of vision loss in India are preventable. Bosch’s eye screening and detection system meets the demand for comprehensive eyecare of the middle and lower income demographic and offers high functionality, ease of use, and a cost effective system to doctors.

Source: Deccan Herald (link opens in a new window)

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