Business Schools Foster Social Impact And Entrepreneurship

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Business schools are catering for social entrepreneurs and MBA students who want to make a social impact – through funding, education and start-up incubation.

When American social entrepreneur Elsa Sze checks her Facebook wall, pictures of her Harvard classmates who got “normal jobs” vacationing in the Hamptons, an exclusive retreat for the wealthy, tend to scroll down her computer’s screen.

The former McKinsey consultant has had to settle for a tiny studio flat in Boston. “I turned down a six-figure job,” says Elsa, a graduate of Harvard’s joint MBA/MPP program.

It is a stark reminder of the sacrifices she has made to create a social impact in her Cambridge community. She used to work for the International Monetary Fund but now she is a social entrepreneur. Her start-up business, Agora, is on a mission to empower US citizens to have a political voice and to hold politicians to account.

Source: Business Because (link opens in a new window)

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