CITADEL takes a look at 3S, the social enterprise that manufactures, cleans and services portable toilets for the urban poor

Monday, June 2, 2014

In a globalized nation where connectivity is the norm and gadgets rule, the most basic toilet facilities are not available to a staggeringly huge number of people. This picture has been changing enormously as people have been availing assistance for an improved quality of life. Citadeltakes a look at 3s, the social enterprise that manufactures, cleans and services portable toilets for the urban poor.

Gone are the days when a staggeringly large number of persons could not avail basic sanitary facilities. The time has come for them to adapt to more improved ways of living, and become knowledgeable and resourceful about sanitation. And to help them with all this is 3s, a social enterprise that is making a quiet impact in sanitation facilities. With a vision to recognize people’s right to health and sanitation and to make it a reality for all, 3s initiated the provision of Portable Sanitation and Liquid Waste Management services. Their aim is to supply and service portable restrooms to all the regions across the nation.

Founded by Rajeev Kher in 1999, 3s was launched with the mission of providing planet-friendly waste management solutions to urban India, where sanitation is not only a social issue but also a serious hygiene issue. An MBA from Pune, Kher was first introduced to portable toilets during his brief stay in Canada as a management intern. He thought it was a great idea to bring back home, since it was non-seasonal, scalable and had a social impact, especially for India. He wanted to import portable toilets from the West, but no company was willing to give him free samples to showcase to municipalities and government departments—the base he wanted to target. Only Thal, a German company now bought over by European firm Satellite Industries, responded to his calls, offering two samples that kick-started his enterprise.

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