October 8

Fairtrade Farmers and Businesses Call on World Leaders to Beef Up Agricultural Resilience

By Bea Tridimas

After 1.8 million farmers from around the world called on governments to follow through on their climate promises, businesses have signed a pledge of support.

Leading Fairtrade partners, including top brands such as Ben & Jerry’s, M&S, and Waitrose, have pledged to take accountability for their climate impact and work to bolster the climate resilience of global supply chains, following an open letter signed by 1.8 million Fairtrade farmers.

The businesses have signed a pledge ahead of the COP26 Climate Summit next month calling on world leaders to respond to the needs of farmers in climate vulnerable countries. The Glasgow Summit will see a group of Fairtrade farmers from around the world deliver in person a letter demanding that governments follow through on their promise to provide $100bn in climate finance to support low-income nations’ efforts to tackle the escalating climate crisis.

Photo courtesy of KX Studio.

Source: BusinessGreen (link opens in a new window)

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