September 6

Foreign Investors Are Piling Into India’s Renewable Industry

By Felicity Bradstock

As the world rapidly invests in renewables, in a bid to transition away from fossil fuels to a greener future, companies and governments are not just funding projects at home but also abroad. Several companies around the globe have highlighted India as a key market for their renewable energy investment, thanks to its highly favourable weather conditions and willingness to rapidly develop its clean energy industry.

At the end of last month, Norway announced heavy solar investment in India, highlighting the country as a priority market for its renewable energy growth. Funding comes from Norway’s Climate Investment Fund (CIF) and its biggest pension company, KLP, with plans to develop a 420MW solar energy project in Rajasthan. The companies are expected to spend $35 million on the development, with a 49 percent stake in the Thar Surya 1 project, alongside Italian firm Enel Green Power. But the investment doesn’t stop here, with the Norwegian Embassy earmarking $1 billion in CIF finance for renewable energy projects in India over the next half a decade, calling it a “priority market”.

Source: Oil Price (link opens in a new window)

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