November 29

Government Admits Poverty Fight Failure in Northern Uganda

By Elizabeth Kamurungi

The government has admitted that its efforts over the past decades to lift northern Uganda out of poverty, including substantial investments in infrastructure upgrade, have failed.

Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja told Parliament last Tuesday that constructing roads and building schools, hospitals and water points over nearly the past two decades have had limited impact of poverty reduction.

“An audit was carried out,” she said, without specifying by whom. “A lot of money has been sunk into northern Uganda and the communities continue to suffer with poverty.”

She added: “We realised that all that money was going into infrastructure development.  So, what have we done [now is that] all that was going into infrastructure development; building schools, health centres [et cetera] … we have said this time on, no schools, no health centres, no roads.”

Photo courtesy of Nicola Barts.

Source: Monitor (link opens in a new window)

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