Health sector needs a paradigm shift to escape morass

Monday, December 16, 2013

Kenyans mourn for the people who have died in senseless road accidents even as the country celebrates its Golden Jubilee. It is regrettable that a country that was born out of bloodshed in the fight for independence should witness more deaths in hospitals due to the ongoing health workers’ strike.

Bad as the situation is, Health Cabinet Secretary James Macharia would do the country an enormous favour were he to think outside the box and identify the silver lining on the cloud cast by the ongoing health professionals’ strike. The place to begin is to acknowledge that the health challenges facing the country are so acute that they cannot be adequately tackled by conventional, business-as-usual policies, projects and programmes pursued since independence.

Put simply, the key challenge facing the country is to make healthcare available to all its citizens. With approximately half of its 43 million people living in poverty, Kenya struggles to provide access to basic healthcare services and medical treatment to its citizens, especially those living in the densely populated slums and in rural communities.

Source: Standard Digital (link opens in a new window)

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