July 21

Report: India’s Last-Mile CO2 Emissions at Least Half of Overall Exhaust From E-Com Deliveries

The Research Group has published its latest findings claiming that the last-mile emissions of the six largest global delivery and e-commerce companies alone amount to approximately 4.5 megatons of carbon dioxide.

The report also finds that the last mile CO2 emissions in India and across the other regions are at least half of all overall emissions from e-commerce deliveries. This figure is expected to rise exponentially in the coming years. This is roughly equivalent to the annual CO2 emissions from one million petrol passenger vehicles.

According to the latest research conducted by the Research Group, which was commissioned by the Clean Mobility Collective, the environmental commitments from the top six global companies in terms of overall emissions – UPS, FedEx, Amazon Logistics, DPD (Strategic partner & significant minority stakeholder of DTDC India), eKart (Flipkart’s courier division), and DHL eCommerce Solutions (courier division of Deutsche Post DHL Group) – are far behind what is required to achieve zero-emission deliveries and also lack transparency.

Photo courtesy of Jon Russell.

Source: MSN (link opens in a new window)

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