January 23

Analysis: Kenya Reforestation Efforts Show AI Can Advance Climate Solutions

By Riya Anne Polcastro

Determining the efficacy of climate action is imperative to slowing the climate crisis and keeping stakeholders invested. Without data and evidence, it’s impossible to know if interventions that target climate change are working or not. A new artificial intelligence (AI) model provides that information for a reforestation project in Kenya and could be used elsewhere, showing potential to advance climate solutions by bolstering support and investments.

AI models receive data and use it to detect patterns, draw conclusions, and make predictions. In Kenya, AI models from the global tech company IBM are learning from data collected by NASA satellites to track and visualize the impact of reforestation efforts.

Photo by orientalizing

Source: Triple Pundit (link opens in a new window)

artificial intelligence, climate change, data, decarbonization, forests, impact measurement, innovation