February 2

Kenyan Tech-Enabled Logistics Platform Amitruck Raises $4 Million, Embarks on Uganda, Tanzania Expansion

By Annie Njanja

The shipping business in Africa has for years been inefficient and costly due to the traditional ways of managing operations — traditional in the sense that a shipper has to physically look for a transporter, sometimes through a middle-man, and often, once goods are delivered, the trucks almost always make the return trip empty.

For a continent like Africa, where roads are heavily used to ferry goods, any inefficiencies encountered translate into higher prices of goods for the end-customer. However, over the last decade, tech solutions are emerging to bring efficiency into the sector and make shipping cheaper, while increasing the availability of options for shippers.

Amitruck, a Kenyan tech-enabled logistics platform, is one such provider of solutions that streamline the shipping market. The startup, which has achieved a great take-off in Kenya, is set to strengthen its technical, operations and sales team to lay ground for its entry into Tanzania and Uganda, after raising $4 million in seed funding (bringing the total funds raised to date to $5 million). The expansion plans come as it looks to be the regional go-to platform for shippers and transporters doing in-country and cross-border business.

Photo courtesy of diema.

Source: TechCrunch (link opens in a new window)

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