Liberia: Lifting Liberia by Lifting Women -President Sirleaf Heightens Crusade on Women

Monday, October 1, 2012

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, addressing a Goldman Sachs Foundation Cocktail and Dinner at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Sunday, says one of the surest ways to lift Liberia is to train and empower 70% of the nation’s population, which are women and the youth.

“We will continue to work with women and with girls, as 70 percent of our population is 35 years and under, with half of them female,” the Liberian president told the gathering attended by more than 150 church leaders, business executives, and Diaspora Liberians.

She added, “It’s to our country’s benefit when our women are educated and can contribute as equal partners in government and the private sector.”

She said with the active and sustained supports of the Goldman Sachs Foundation Cooperative Housing Foundation (CHF) International, which implementing the 10,000 Women Certificate Program in Liberia with the Cuttington University College and the Liberia Business Association, her administration successfully jumpstarted the women and youth empowerment programs.

“By this intervention,” President Sirleaf said, “underprivileged women’s lives are changed; their roles not limited to being mothers, but also entrepreneurs and recognized contributors to a nation’s economy.”

Source: All Africa (link opens in a new window)

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