Lifting the Lid on Mexico’s Off-Grid Opportunity

Friday, September 13, 2019

By Jason Deign

Engie’s acquisition of Mobisol this month and a $50 million investment in BBOXX in August have highlighted the massive potential of Africa’s off-grid power market. But rural electrification is also a significant opportunity in Latin America.

In Mexico, for example, a handful of companies are rushing to bring solar power to the estimated 450,000 families, or around 2 percent of the population, living in areas too remote to warrant a grid connection.

Almost as many people have such poor grid access that they may go weeks or months without power, said Ana Lucia Coll Guzmán, chief information officer and innovation and strategy manager at Iluméxico, one of the leading rural electrification players in the country.

Photo courtesy of Alexis Tostado.

Source: Greentech Media (link opens in a new window)

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