March 2

LiveRamp Commits $15 Million in Cash Reserves With Financial Institutions to Support Underserved Communities

LiveRamp ® (NYSE: RAMP), the leading data connectivity platform, today announced it has banked $15 million in cash reserves to financial institutions supporting historically underserved communities.

The lack of access to financial resources and services negatively impacts a continuously widening wealth gap in the US, which has disproportionately affected minority and Black communities. LiveRamp is in a fortunate position to be able to prioritize a more diverse approach to its banking relationships as part of its larger efforts around diversity, inclusion and belonging. Striving for positive change at scale, LiveRamp is proud to partner with these institutions and leverage the power of data to deliver better economic and social outcomes for all.

Photo courtesy of Free-Photos.

Source: OA Online (link opens in a new window)

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