September 30

New Report Shines Spotlight on the Global Creative Economy’s Response to COVID-19

Nesta’s Arts & Culture Finance, a division of the UK-based innovation foundation; US-based impact investment field-builder Upstart Co-Lab and LatAm-based social innovation incubator Fundación Compromiso announce the publication of the second volume of Creativity, Culture and Capital: Impact Investing in the global creative economy (CCC). 

CCC is focused on developing a just, sustainable and profitable global creative economy through impact investment. US$31 trillion in impact capital is currently at work globally, reflecting how many investors are considering the way their decisions affect people and the planet as well as their own bottom line. While the last 20 years of growth in impact investing has been extraordinary, the creative industries and cultural sector have not yet fully benefited from the promise of these resources.

Including case studies and personal essays, CCC makes the argument for a much larger proportion of this capital to flow towards the creative economy, building the case for a new global impact investment fund for the inclusive creative economy. Taken together, the essays offer what Darren Walker (President, Ford Foundation) describes in his Foreword as a “blueprint for recovery” post-pandemic – an incredible opportunity to rebalance the global economy after the shock of Covid.

Photo courtesy of geralt.

Source: Creativity Culture & Capital (link opens in a new window)

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