OPINION: Embrace change to transform healthcare supply chains

Monday, June 19, 2017

Every company wants to be an innovator, and during my time at Johnson & Johnson, I’ve found innovation begins with a company’s people and culture.

Our shared history shows just how powerful a culture that embraces change can be. Depending on where you lived, for most of recorded history the average human life span topped out at roughly 40 years.  It fluctuated some, but stayed pretty much the same until the late 1800s. That’s when scientists and doctors – including those in my own company – realized that controlling germs, slowing the spread of disease and preventing infections from the simplest of wounds could prolong many lives.

Since then, we have managed to double life expectancy – a feat never before accomplished in the history of humanity. And, it’s likely to almost double again in a shorter amount of time.

Source: Supply Chain Dive (link opens in a new window)

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