Philips, PET to commercialise Wind-Up Fetal Heart Rate Monitor

Monday, October 6, 2014

Royal Philips has announced a partnership with South Africa based not-for-profit organization, PET (PowerFree Education Technology) (, to further develop, test and commercialise a Wind-up Doppler Ultrasound Fetal Heart Rate Monitor, a unique power-independent clinical innovation aimed at addressing the high rates of preventable infant mortality across Africa.

The Wind-up Fetal Doppler is a device to easily and accurately count the fetal heart rate while the mother is in labor. A slowing of this fetal heart rate towards the end of a uterine contraction is an important indicator that a fetus is not receiving enough oxygen and may suffer brain damage or die. If this is detected early enough, a midwife or delivering nurse can take the necessary actions to save the child.

The Wind-up Fetal Doppler will be commercialized by the Philips Africa Innovation Hub (, which is the center for developing innovations “in Africa-for Africa” in the areas of healthcare, lighting and healthy living. The Philips Africa Innovation Hub has unveiled the first Philips prototype of the Wind-up Fetal Doppler, underpinning their commitment to the partnership. The prototype is subject to clinical testing and regulatory approval, before release for general usage.

Source: BizTech Africa (link opens in a new window)

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