June 17

Press Release: Habi Raises $75 Million in Additional Credit Lines One Month After Closing $200 Million Series C

Habi (“Habi” or “the Company”), the data-driven residential real estate platform and the leading Property Technology (“PropTech”) unicorn in Spanish-speaking Latin America, today announced an additional $75 million in credit lines, just one month after raising $200 million in equity in its Series C, led by Homebrew and SoftBank Latin America Funds. Participating financial institutions include TriplePoint Capital, as well as leading FinTechs and local banks.

Habi’s business model, proven track record for sustainable growth, and recent results have earned a vote of confidence from Latin American and global financial institutions. The company’s market leadership and robust suite of offerings have translated into continued adoption of the platform, with revenue growing well over 20x in 2021.

“Accessing these new credit lines, just one month after announcing our Series C, reiterates the confidence that several of the world’s most important financial institutions have placed in Habi, and even more importantly, that they continue to bet on our region to improve the quality of life for millions of Latin Americans,” said Habi’s Chief Financial Officer Marcos Kantt, who has nearly 20 years of experience in investment banking. “Habi has a historic opportunity to transform the residential sector, thanks to the great financial support and a team with a rarely seen level of human talent that seeks to excel every day.”

With over $450 million dollars in capital raised to date, Habi looks to continue expanding its suite of offerings, including iBuyer, brokerage, financial services and marketplace, to provide access to liquidity and information in a market where data is limited. According to internal estimates, the company expects these funds to generate many thousands of annual purchases and sales, with the goal to provide liquidity to more Latin American families through a simple and secure process that saves them time, paperwork, travel and hassle, among other solutions.

“We are grateful that some of the most reputable firms and banks trust us and our mission, and that they see Habi as a solid and safe bet,” said Augusto Rengifo, vice president of finance of Habi. “With their support, we will be able to continue transforming the Latin American residential real estate market and empower middle-class consumers, who haven’t historically had easy access to the housing market. Habi offers a full stack of services, allowing families access to liquidity and unlocking generational wealth creation.”

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