Q&A: Nigeria’s Mara Mentor Hones Youth Entrepreneurship

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Even though access to funding is usually seen as the major challenge that entrepreneurs in Africa are battling with, several of today’s successful businesses and enterprises in Africa started small and survived the rough and tough turfs. When the owners of such successful businesses share industry-tested success tips with the young entrepreneurs, it becomes easier for the later to blossom. This is where Mara Mentor comes in.

Mara Mentor was created with the aim of empowering the youths of Africa in their business endeavors, in recognition that they are the driving force behind economic growth and future prosperity.

In this exclusive interview, Mara Foundation online community manager for Nigeria, Douglas Imaralu spoke on the Mara Mentor Project and the vacuum it is filling — especially in Africa where it has already been launched in 22 countries. He also spoke on the unique opportunities that entrepreneurs from across Africa could benefit from through Mara Mentor, and how the service works.

AFKInsider: What is Mara Mentor all about?

Douglas Imaralu: Mara Mentor is an initiative of Mara Foundation, the social enterprise unit of Mara Group which operates in 22 African countries with 11,000 employees and was founded by Ashish J. Thakkar. Mara Mentor is an online community which connects ambitious entrepreneurs with experienced and inspirational business leaders/entrepreneurs.

The Mara Mentor project, which aims to enable, empower and inspire a generation of entrepreneurs, offers free training tools and access to top Nigerian business leaders who act as mentors on the platform. The mentors participate in forums specifically tailored to provide the necessary skills and business acumen young Nigerians need to become self-sufficient entrepreneurs and job creators.

AFKInsider: Who can use Mara Mentor?

Douglas Imaralu: Anyone at anywhere. It is an open resource and it is available on web and mobile applications.

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