September 1

Renewable Energy in Developing Countries Emerges as Growth Area

With oil and gas prices down 30% for the year and fossil fuels becoming less attractive due to sustainability issues, investors are looking elsewhere in the energy sector. One growing area is in private equity and debt funds in renewable energy sources in developing countries.

“Developing countries’ renewable investment exceeded the level in developed countries for the first time in 2015,” Murray Birt, DWS’s senior environmental social and corporate governance strategist, told Karma in an email. “By 2019, developing countries accounted for 54% of renewable investment at $152 billion. While China and India have accounted for most of this, investment in other developing countries grew 17% in 2019 (year on year) to reach nearly $60 billion according to BloombergNEF and Frankfurt School 2020.”

Photo credit: andreas160578

Source: Karma (link opens in a new window)

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