Renowned economists launch Global Poverty Research Lab

Monday, October 2, 2017

Northwestern University’s Buffett Institute has launched the Global Poverty Research Lab, a collaborative research center that uses empirical evidence to address the challenges of overcoming poverty and to improve well-being in the developing world.

Renowned economists and the lab’s founding directors, Dean Karlan and Chris Udry, recently joined the Northwestern faculty and join a growing group of scholars at the University studying development economics.

“Northwestern has become much more committed to international development in the period of my absence,” said Udry, professor of economics in the University’s Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences, who started his academic career at Northwestern in 1990 before joining the faculty at Yale University. “There’s a strong base of people working in the area here. The administration was extremely supportive of an effort to energize and build on that strength and make the University a global center.”

Udry and Karlan see the Buffett Institute for Global Studies as a perfect example of how things have changed at Northwestern over the last 20 years.

Photo courtesy of A’Melody Lee.

Source: Northwestern (link opens in a new window)

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