February 23

Study: Electrifying Motorcycle Taxis in Kampala, Uganda, Shows Air Pollution Benefits

In a new University of Michigan study, researchers set out to understand the air pollutant emissions impacts of electrifying motorcycle taxis in Kampala, Uganda.

The findings indicate that electrified motorcycles can reduce emissions of global and some local air pollutants, yielding global and potentially local sustainability benefits.

Air pollutants harm the well-being of individuals and the climate. Those living in low and middle-income countries, or LMICs, in particular, are dealing with poor air quality due to rapid urbanization.

There are millions of motorcycles across low- and middle-income countries, but little research has been done on the consequences of electrifying them. A group of researchers led by Michael Craig, an assistant professor in energy systems at the U-M School for Environment and Sustainability, set out to fill this gap.

Photo courtesy of mohamed Hassan.

Source: Science Daily (link opens in a new window)

electric vehicles, transportation