The Next Era of Global Health? Follow the Money

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Global governance is in a period of upheaval, and the health agenda has not been spared. As the processes of globalization have led to major power shifts between states and global market forces, the future of global governance for health will increasingly depend on positions taken by emerging economies and rising powers. For example, will they invite the tobacco industry in, like Indonesia, or will they tax products harmful to health, like Mexico?

It always helps to follow the money. The greater the financial resources flowing through the global health domain, the more pressure there will be on countries and on international organizations to choose between facilitating the further growth of the global health industry or strengthening global regulation.

To date, global health think tanks have mainly tracked how billions of development assistance dollars have been spent on specific disease challenges such as HIV/AIDS. To some extent they have also tracked the externalities of disease outbreaks and the health consequences of natural disasters, for example, the huge losses incurred in sectors such as agriculture, travel and tourism.

Source: Chatham House (link opens in a new window)

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