October 19

The Rockefeller Foundation and the Asian Institute of Technology Partner To Drive Climate-Resilient Agriculture Solutions in Southeast Asia

In its continued endeavor to enhance climate change resilience in Asia, The Rockefeller Foundation will support the AIT to catalyze regenerative agriculture practices in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) member states of Cambodia, Laos People’s Democratic Republic, and Thailand. The collaboration seeks to address critical challenges in the agriculture sector – including climate change impacts, greenhouse gas emissions, and sustainable food production – by emphasizing nature-positive solutions characterized by regenerative, non-depleting, and non-destructive production systems to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance agricultural sustainability. The collaboration aims to support farmers, policymakers, researchers, and communities by driving climate-resilient agriculture and sustainable practices in Southeast Asia

“We are excited to work with The Rockefeller Foundation on this critical initiative,” said Professor Kazuo Yamamoto, Interim President of AIT. “AIT’s research capabilities, combined with The Rockefeller Foundation’s expertise and support, will help drive positive change in agriculture and benefit farmers, policymakers, and communities across Southeast Asia.”

Photo courtesy of Adam Cohn.

Source: The Rockefeller Foundation (link opens in a new window)

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