This idea helps empower the marginalized

Monday, June 4, 2018

By Haris Zargar

Many a time, government scheme benefits do not reach the intended beneficiaries simply because they don’t know about them. This is what prompted development professional Aniket Doegar, now 29, to set up a tech-enabled social enterprise, Haqdarshak, in 2016 to try and bridge this information gap.

The simple solution: Haqdarshak is a mobile and web technology platform that works on the delivery of scheme benefits to citizens. The app can work even without internet connectivity, offers multiple language options, and gauges a candidate’s eligibility for a particular scheme by asking 15-20 questions. The enterprise also delivers paid services through a network of specially trained sales representatives on the ground, Haqdarshaks, who help out with applications and form submissions. They charge a fee of Rs40-250, 25% of which goes to the company.

Photo courtesy of Meena Kadri.

Source: Livemint (link opens in a new window)

public policy, social enterprise