January 13

Uganda’s Thirst for Hydropower Raises Fears for Environment

By Alice McCool

Along the road that takes you into Murchison Falls national park, animals once roamed freely. Narrow roads provided the perfect environment for them, so “they [didn’t] feel like they are in a foreign land”, says tour operator Everest Kayondo.

But not any more. The park’s lush forest is being uprooted and red trucks and yellow diggers stand ready to pave the road – and the way for new energy projects.

“We used to see animals like baboons, buffaloes and even giraffes along this road, but we’ve lost them now,” says Kayondo, chairperson of the Association of Uganda Tour Operators (Auto), which represents more than 250 tourism businesses in Uganda.

Photo courtesy of Random Institute.

Source: The Guardian (link opens in a new window)

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