UK Pumps £10 Million Into the Kenyan Fintech Scene as It Aims to Increase Financial Inclusion for Low-Income and Underserved Consumers Through Technology

Monday, October 28, 2019

The Lord Mayor of the City of London Peter Estlin, on Thursday announced £10 million (Sh1.154 billion) of UK Aid support towards the Catalyst Fund during a visit to Nairobi.

His visit comes ahead of the first UK-Africa Investment Summit next year, which will bring together businesses, governments and international institutions to encourage investment in a range of sectors, including fintech.

The Catalyst Fund supports business development and investor opportunities for early stage fintech companies in emerging markets. With support from the UK Department for International Development, the Catalyst Fund will help connect a further 30 local fintech companies with international investors and mentors, including Kenyan fintech companies.

Photo courtesy of Shardayyy.

Source: Business Insider (link opens in a new window)

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