July 20

Universal Energy Facility to Grant up to $10.4 Million For Renewables in the DRC, Madagascar and Sierra Leone

The Universal Energy Facility (UEF) is giving grants up to $10 million to mini-grid companies in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Madagascar and Sierra Leone in the coming weeks. The grantees will receive financial support to build solar mini-grids in communities without access to clean energy and where other polluting energy sources, such as diesel and petrol generators, charcoal and firewood, are common

Speaking on the development, Anita Otubu, Senior Director of the UEF said, “Accelerating access to reliable, sustainable and affordable electricity to those most in need is the central focus of UEF and its partners. This is a big step and the first of many we need to take to continue improving people’s lives in Africa. Access to clean energy is a life-changing step that leads to economic growth, empowering women, reducing C02 emissions, and creating jobs – among other benefits.”

Photo courtesy of World Bank Photo Collection.

Source: Innovation Village (link opens in a new window)

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