July 9

Viewpoint: COVID-19 in Rural Communities — Building Back Better in the Global South

By Peter Williams

As the COVID-19 pandemic has flooded the world and infiltrated many of the global south’s most rural, most impoverished communities, attention has turned to what the future will look like.

Notions of building back better, or BBB, and definitions of a much-discussed new normal are circulating among key development actors and news outlets. Going forward, it is critical to consider the true inclusivity of proposed global responses and take a closer look at who gets left behind.

Without mitigation measures, urban settings provide the coronavirus with an environment to reproduce unimpeded. Yet globalization has also allowed viruses, including the coronavirus, to likewise prosper in the world’s rural communities.

Photo courtesy of Jesuit Refugee Service International.

Source: Devex (link opens in a new window)

cash transfers, rural development