August 23

Viewpoint: Rise of the ‘Carbon Capitalist’

By Matthew Roling

Have you ever bought a stock based on a social media tip? Did you buy Bitcoin before it was cool? Frustrated by student loan debt? This article is for you.

Yes, this is for the digital natives, the meme stock investors, the “rocket to the moon” Dogecoin traders tired of the financial status quo. You’ve captivated us with your GameStop short squeeze and intrigued us with your crypto community. It’s time to take what you’ve learned to a table with much higher stakes. It’s time to stake your claim in the global carbon market.

Since you are younger than 40, I assume you understand how climate change works. But you may not have heard about carbon credits. Put simply, carbon credits give those engaged in the certifiable removal or avoidance of greenhouse gas emissions the ability to sell their good behavior to those attempting to offset bad behavior (emissions in excess of regulated or voluntary caps).

Photo courtesy of mad mags.

Source: GreenBiz (link opens in a new window)

climate change, financial inclusion, scale