‘We Aim to Bring Affordable and Convenient Healthcare for Every Individual in India’

Monday, April 13, 2015

After the successful launch of a free pick and drop service to all hospitals, diagnostics and pathology labs in Delhi, UBER and OXXY expanded it to Mumbai on World Health Day, with the additional benefit of online. While Uber provides the free ride, OXXY allows customers to compare prices of tests/ surgeries/ treatment as well as avail of discounts at medical centres. Pankaj Gupta, Founder, OXXY reveals company’s plans to Usha Sharma

Tell us about the business strategies of OXXY with its core objectives and ongoing activities.

OXXY aims to bring transparency in healthcare by providing the listing of tests/ surgeries/ treatment/ details of medical centres online. Comparison of prices of medical tests/ surgeries/ treatment and awareness of optional medical centres is our main objective for a healthy India. The fusion of healthcare with technology is the new trend to fill the gaps in healthcare that has been our aim and desire since quite some time.

Why did you choose to tie up with Uber to offer a free pick and drop for anyone traveling to medical centres?

We want to make healthcare affordable and convenient for every individual. It makes life easier, no one is lost especially when it’s not his/ her home city. Our every step is to comfort the citizens of the country and to make healthcare affordable. A free ride is like a bonus.

What services does the UBER-OXXY partnership offer Mumbaikars?

Every health related service, from displaying of medical centres and medical tests is easily accessible on www.oxxy.in and 09999000102, as well as comparison of rates and newly added pick and drop facility for the patient.

How can one book a free ride to medical centres and what benefits will the companies get from it?

A free ride can be availed off by calling on our helpline number 09999000102 and then with the help of the UBER App, anyone can utilise the free ride service.

Source: The Financial Express (link opens in a new window)

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